Sex, Intimacy and Relationships    3 or 6 hours 

Laura Swann, MEd, LCDC, EMDR, CDWF

Sex, Intimacy and Relationships addresses the challenges and confusion that many individuals have around relationships.  


Remapping the Brain   3 hours

Laura Swann, MEd, LCDC, EMDR, CDWF

Remapping the Brain addresses the negative thoughts that can stifle our ability to work, live and connect with others.  it discusses the physiology of negative pathways and provides simple tools to help us create a stronger positive thought process.


Journey to Awareness- Embracing Our Shadow   3 hours

Abi Williams, PhD, LCSW, CDWF

How often have we wondered why we, act or react in a particular way?  Early in our lives, most of us learned to hide parts of ourselves we were told were “bad”. This is what Carl Jung identified as “shadow”. These parts, however, in spite of our best efforts to avoid, continue to show up unexpectedly. By uncovering the messages or self-talk rooted in shame, we can learn from them and transform them into positive life-changing allies. This presentation examines the early life contributions that led to the need to disown parts of one’s personality and powerful tools utilized in The Daring Way™ curriculum to discover the full spectrum of one’s self.

An Addiction is an Addiction is an Addiction    3 hours

Abi Williams, PhD, LCSW, CDWF

Relationships. Spending. Eating. Gambling. Work. In moderation, these can be enjoyable and rewarding parts of life. But for those who suffer from process addictions, these activities can lead to destructive consequences. This presentation identifies and discusses the differences and similarities of various addictive or compulsive behaviors and how family members respond to the disordered behaviors.