Frequently Asked Questions About The Daring Way™ workshop:    


How are the weekend workshops structured?

The curriculum is broken down into topical sections. Each of the sections begins with a short video of Dr. Brené Brown describing some part of her research, introducing the concepts, and giving a brief explanation of the accompanying exercise. We then take time to journal, fill out worksheets, or do a creative type process. Then the group comes back together to share and process what came up for them during that exercises. This is where the likeness of each person’s struggle and journey come to light. As Dr. Brown claims, the antidote to shame is two words: Me Too.

Each workshop is limited to 8-10 participants to allow for adequate time for sharing and learning, as well as a more intimate experience.


How much personal information about myself am I expected to share with others in the group?

Feel free to share as little or as much as you feel comfortable.  This experience is designed for you and you can go as deep as you would like.  One of the goals of The Daring Way™ is that participants will become more comfortable practicing vulnerability and allowing themselves to really be seen. This group experience will provide a safe environment to begin opening up with others, if you so choose.


Do I need to have completed any previous work—counseling, workshops, etc.—before participating in The Daring Way™? 

No. Individuals can benefit from this work with or without previous counseling or workshop experience. Reading Daring Greatly: How the Courage to be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead (2012), by Brené Brown, is suggested but not required. We will have everything you need to move through the curriculum.


Does The Daring Way™ cover the same material and exercises that were covered in Brené Brown’s eCourses?

Although the concepts are similar, The Daring Way™ builds on and goes deeper into the themes of shame resiliency, practicing vulnerability, and practicing self-compassion and empathy. As Dr. Brown says, we are hardwired for connection. Sharing the experience of working through the curriculum with others adds a deeper and more integrated experience.  


How is the one-day format different from the three-day intensive and six-week group format? The one-day curriculum is a sneak peak into the work of The Daring Way™.  Key concepts will be covered and participants will be guided through selected experiential activities.  Many individuals that complete the one-day continue to complete one of the more intensive workshops of The Daring Way™.


At the workshop's completion, is there a takeaway I should expect?

Participants of The Daring Way™ workshops walk away with tools and skills that help them cultivate more resilience, self-compassion, empathy, creativity, joy, and connection in life. Like most everything in life, though, this is a journey, not a destination. The Daring Way™ provides a path and the tools to help keep your pathway clear and leave participants with a greater insight into themselves, their reactivity, their behaviors, and their values. 


It’s a very gentle yet powerful journey of self-discovery.

Come join us as we learn to Dare Greatly!